Types of Snow Skiing with Snowvasion

Snow skiing is an activity of travelling on the snow. It has many uses. Other than a recreational activity, it is widely used in military and other forces to make travelling easy in the places where approaching is difficult due to snow. It is also one of the major sports played across the world in associated with snowvasion. Every year hundreds of competitions are organized in the different areas of world that include skiing as a major sport. There are different types of skiing. It is not only about the stunts you see on the TV.

                                                snow vasion

Remember the main intention behind the invention was to create ease in traveling on snow in the areas where snow makes it difficult to travel and move. Later it became a major source of re creation especially during ski trips. The types of snow skiing includes various types; all used by different people in different places on different occasions. There are 2 major types of snow skiing which are further divided into sub categories.


In this type of snow skiing, the heel is attached at two places to the boots of the skier. The boots are attached to skies and heels are present at toe as well as heel to provide stability. This helps to maintain balance for a skier. This type of skiing is generally used in competitions and recreational purposes but not in the real life situations directly as it can be really dangerous for less trained skiers. It is usually done in ski resorts or dry slopes. You will probably see this type of skiing during your ski trips.

Dry slopes are the artificial slopes created out of such materials that mimic snow in its properties. These materials are generally stable at room temperature. This is what ski resorts usually have in their setup. This is done to train and teach the skiers. Natural slopes are not smooth and can be really dangerous for practice. Once skiers practice here and become expert, he can go on with the natural slopes as well. Further types in this category include free style, slalom, giant slalom, Super-G, Downhill, and disabled skiing.


In this type of snow skiing, the heel is attached only to toe and not on the heels. This is the basic style and is less dangerous than alpine. Further styles include Cross-country skiing, Ski-flying, ski jumping and Skijoring.

You must experience skiing with snowvasion, if you are an adventure lover once in your lifetime by planning ski trips.


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